Current Patient Policy for 3/2020-4/2020

Our mission is to provide patient focused care. In order to provide this care for our patients of all ages, we are making a few adjustments in our office at this time. These guidelines are for the health and safety of everyone in our office. Please read and comply. Thank you!

1. We will offer an elder hour from 2:30-3:30 This time will be set aside for patients over 60 years old and those who are in the high risk category (I.e. auto immune issues) During this time we will limit the amount of people in the office and will take extra measures for this at risk group.

2. FOR ALL PATIENTS: we are asking at this time you attend your appointments alone. Please do not bring your spouse, children, or friends to your appointments. If you need transportation, please have your driver wait for you in their vehicle. This does not apply to our pediatric patients, a parent can attend a pediatric appointment. This is to limit the amount of people in our office at a time.

3. We are taking extra cleaning measures office wide. The office is fully sanitized multiple times a day. The beds are sanitized between patients.

4. Please adhere to CDC guidelines when in our office and in public in general. They are posted below.

5. If any of our patients need food or supplies and cannot get to them or afford them at this time please call our office at 816-635-2645

Chiropractic care is more important than ever right now. It is our goal to remain open to provide an opportunity for our patients to help their immune system during this pandemic. If you have questions please call us. We have linked some helpful information below.



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